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ランジェリー業界のグローバルリーダー「トリンプ」でBrand Marketing Senior Managerを募集!

  • 外資系
  • 土日休み
  • 年間休日120日以上
  • ワークライフバランス
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  • 語学を生かす
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ジョブタイトル Brand Marketing Senior Manager – Triumph/Sloggi
職種 マーケティング
採用形態 中途
給与 経験により応相談
勤務地 東京都
仕事内容 The purpose of the Brand Marketing Senior Manager Role is to design, develop and deliver the short and long
term regional cross-marketing functional strategies, adopting business and market situation by each sales
channel. Be able to lead and drive an integrated process and matches marketing objective and business objective.

Get to know the consumer insights of each brand, establish and update the consumer journey, lead 360 degree
marketing in cooperation with each marketing function, and execute IMC planning.
While sharing the consumer insights of each brand to global stakeholders in a timely manner, she/he is
committed to developing communication tools that deeply pierce Japanese consumers.

By fulfilling these objectives, she/he will contribute to the establishment and improvement of the image of each
brand, the business itself, and the growth of the Triumph business as a whole.
応募条件 ・8 years+ experience and 4 years+ team management in a large market.
・Cross Functional expertise in Brand Marketing management and leadership to make alignment
・Experience with strategies & concept development, media strategies development, media-neutral
planning, integrated brand marketing planning, media setting KPIs and tracking ROIs.
・Experience in beauty / innerwear/ apparel business is a bonus
・Excellent drive, judgment, creative insights and understanding of branded aesthetics.




会社名 トリンプ・インターナショナル・ジャパン株式会社
設立 1964年
代表者名 ヴァンサン・ネリアス
事業内容 ランジェリーの企画・製造・販売